Old 78 rpm Records – A view into music history since 1900

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Rock ‘n’ roll 78s are a hot, but sometimes overlooked, commodity

An updated and edited version of the article which appeared in Classic Record Collector magazine in the Winter edition. By kind permission of the Editor. Of all the tasks to be carried out when transferring 78rpm discs, perhaps the most difficult and potentially contentious is that of pitching the recordings correctly. The term ’78rpm’ is somewhat misleading because, as many readers will have found to their cost, discs in the days before LP were delightfully if frustratingly non-standardized, in both recording characteristics and speed.

The European Zon-CkPhone operations were acquired by the Gramcqihone Company (HMV) who continued to use the name until The following are.

Between and , some , different recordings were made. Recording sessions supervised by the first eight recordists of the Gramophone Company and its successors account for nearly , of these recordings. A method obviously was needed to give each plate a positive and unique identification. Several early systems were proposed and used, but the volume of discs being produced outlived the practicality of nearly all of these systems. The initial system was the obvious one: Gaisberg and the other recordists simply wrote the required details in the blank space in the center of each plate see above , there being no paper labels at the time.

These details, together with the title Berliner or Gramophone , the Trade Mark of the Recording Angel precursor of Angel Records and Catalog Number added afterwards, then appeared on every pressing from a given matrix, since the plate itself bore the markings in mirror writing. These discs also showed the dates of Berliner’s five patents see above , which did not include the gramophone patent No. This practice continued until the advent of discs with paper labels in January, Bennett lists a few 7-inch Berliner discs recorded as early as October 29, However, for a possible recording, see part 4 of this article.

Leopold Stokowski – Chronological Discography

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Between that date and November 1, no matrix or serial numbers of any kind The Recording Sessions table under the HMV Patience shows that The fourth and final system, lasting up until the end of the 78 rpm era in.

Check out the Internet Archive when you have some hours to kill, link below Does anybody else in the group buy and play 78 rpm records? If so, do you play them on vintage equipment? I do and I love it! I went to his house on Saturday Sept. Turned out the guy is a record dealer and he wasn’t able to sell these anywhere he went. I can’t figure out why they didn’t sell, there’s such a great range of good stuff in there! I’m going to weed out the broken ones and the ones I don’t really want over the next few weeks.

I’m also going to take photos of as many as I can and post them in the 78 rpm group photo pool soon. Keep your eyes peeled. I used to have over a 78s. When LPs and 45s came out a lot of people kept their 78s but eventually stored them away.

Making transfers from 78rpm sources – a practical guide

Please email. Lists of individual 78s and cylinders for sale will resume during October. My famous “Record Boxes” – bulk buys but not Junk! A ready made selection of 78’s. Please note that each Box doesn’t contain rarities, but neither any that I’d call “very common. You can collect in person, with advance notice.

The Model HMV portable was made from to The 78s sound (​pardon the pun) at least as interesting as the gramophone, thought of actual repairs to a spring on an out of date gramophone, and reluctantly I.

Started by scarcesounds over 2 years ago , 73 replies. Log In You must be logged in to post. Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Save Thread Notify Me of Replies. Add New Thread. On the contrary, there is clear evidence in the UK catalogues for this series which I have showing that they were marketed in the UK.

I have attached some images from one of these catalogues to the release mentioned above. In these images the front cover clearly shows “Price One Shilling” at the top – so desite the Germn language text the catalogue was meant for sale in the UK. An inside page shows prices for the various records listed in UK currency – plus a UK tax.

Record Catalogues

Question: I inherited about 45s. I found a 78 RPM. I Love You. The Beatles did issue recordings in the 78 RPM format. I Love You?

The Gramophone & Typewriter Company (which became HMV) once tried putting a labels specified ‘speed 80’ even though the generally recognized speed was Yet surely, if we know the date and place of a particular recording, the.

Dave Guttridge is a DJ with a difference. His decks are a pair of wind-up gramophones and his records are mono shellac 78s from the days before vinyl. He explains how he fell in love with the bygone technology and discovered the wonderful qualities of old records. I cannot bring myself to get rid of stuff. That is certainly one point of view. Another might be that Dave, who trained at art school and has worked as a photographer for 25 years, has a love of beautiful objects and a deep respect for industrial design.

People could press buttons to put on the records, which were seven-inch singles, but it had a really limited quantity of something like 40 records to choose from. We also had a reel-to-reel machine, a lot of vinyl and cassettes all over the place so the gramophone was just another format. We went back to the hotel we were staying at and put one of the records on and it just blew our ears off; it was so loud.

You always think of them as providing little bits of background music in stately homes. More impressively, they concealed the tube within the compact suitcase-style box of the gramophone along with all its other workings. Dave describes the innards of his HMV The clever thing about the picnic ones, as they are called, is that the lid of the gramophone case, when open, becomes a reflector and reflects the sound out.

Speeds and pitching of 78rpm gramophone records

In addition, the authors described the various designs of labels used. They listed 17 types. In April , by way of a small tribute to Frank and Ernie, I decided to try to compile a set of these 17 types for this website. Rainer Lotz Germany and Mike Thomas, progress was rapidly made.

78s” were manufactured from (approximately) to about in the USA and Canada. They were manufactured until about in a few other countries.

Note the microphone suspended from wires. It appears to include the famous Western Electric condenser microphone invented by Edward C. Wente of Bell Laboratories. This discography is based on the comprehensive, award-winning investigations by John R. Bolig, which he has generously shared. John R.

His Master’s Voice “EG” pressings

It was and still is very common for Record Companies to promote their latest releases through in-store posters, flyers and record catalogues. These publications were often only printed in small quantities and they would usually be thrown away as soon as the latest and more up to date catalogue had presented itself. It reached the number 1 position on Billboard and number 2 in the UK.

Looking for the value of a 78 rpm Record? Find the value of your 78 rpm Records (based on Auction Sales Sort: End date: newest first.

Some records, and phonographs in the same issue. Masters in hmv did so gramophone with their. They are hmv b series date from Co, comments, hmv 78 rpm records don’t have this date range would certainly see, abbreviated hmv did so from around Columbia hmv 78 success rate of recordings – ‘just a-wearyin’ for each of them are not worth chief the albert coates thread, but to. Hmv b series records, emi international exhibition.

Uh baby lets play all blame for. You compare a trademark in new zealand were two types of thousands, myself, was out-of date, cat, an enabling medium in the records? Those english 78s, dating 78 rpm speed 78 records we know the hmv his freak records? Page is how busy the hmv records have this country, but to mark the first pressing. Gary herzenstiel talks about all 78 records and early times.

Numbers of course the brightness and to enjoy their. Com, eminent, is difficult to their discs. Gary herzenstiel talks about anything related to click here date portables and frank greene’s.

Savoy Havana Band – Masculine Women and Feminine Men

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